10 Tips to Survive a PR Crisis

iStock_000003013632XSmallIf your reputation or bottom line is at risk by a wave of bad publicity, you could quickly be “toast”.  Thankfully, there is a well-worn path that helps you and your organization survive the attack.  Somewhere in the depths of my files on public relations, I laid my hands on what I named a ”crisis survivor guide.” The origins of this document have long since faded. But the top 10 list is well worth keeping in mind if you are preparing for or dealing with a public relations crisis.
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Web Manager Playbook: Emergency Controls

iStock_000000413234MediumDo you have a playbook for emergencies? Every web manager should have policies and procedures for managing their site in an emergency. One key to success in crisis communications: set up your management controls ahead of time.  Baking these rules into your documentation and training helps you avoid snafus.  Over time I’ve collected several ever-green guidelines to help web managers be ready for the worst.

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What the Purple Tunnel of Doom Teaches Us About Crisis Communications

Flag waving and celebrations at the US capitol building in Washington DC

The gathering on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to watch the swearing-in of President Barack Obama was “the largest pro-government demonstration in U.S. history”, according to one observer. The moment spawned a cottage industry of memorabilia makers, a fascination with Aretha Franklin’s lovely hat and a spirit of goodwill as we wait for an economic recovery program to kick-in.
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