Web Training Program Checklist

target6327624Small copy Web publishing has become more institutionalized at many organizations. One factor that elevates a mature web team from one that is less so is their commitment to a web training program.  Does your organization have a formal training program for the Web team? How is it working for you?  This 10-point checklist will help you know whether your organization’s web training program is achieving its full potential.
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Five Magic Interview Questions


Some years ago, I ran across a list of what I consider the most eye-opening interview questions on the planet. Well, maybe that’s hyperbole. But the fact of the matter is these questions never fail me. They consistently open up the conversation into nooks that produce insightful and interesting commentary. And my favorite getting-to-know-you question set is only five questions long.
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How to Measure Leadership for Web Managers

question_signLeadership is one of the essentials in scoring whether web governance is working at your organization. But how do you measure what is normally seen as such a soft skill?

For web managers and public affairs officers in charge of websites, my belief is you must look to your stewardship and communication systems as significant factors in your capacity to lead an organization. Both of these have structure and systems – proven winners – that forecast strong successful leadership.  If you have these systems in place, you are ready to thrive. In their absence, you are swimming upstream.
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