The Value of Key Performance Indicators: Unlock Your Data

tape-measure copyAt 10,000 feet, Web analytics attempts to answer questions about what your Web visitors are up to, and why your organization should care.  This post attempts to look at the who and the how of Web analytics, including the rewards and barriers to action. It also reviews some practical tips on where to begin, along with some ideas on what a model dashboard could look like (because presentation matters).
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Five Magic Interview Questions


Some years ago, I ran across a list of what I consider the most eye-opening interview questions on the planet. Well, maybe that’s hyperbole. But the fact of the matter is these questions never fail me. They consistently open up the conversation into nooks that produce insightful and interesting commentary. And my favorite getting-to-know-you question set is only five questions long.
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Why Web Scorecards Rock

iStock_000006142173XSmallCompared to what? This is the question that you grapple with when you attempt to seed change with your Web site. You know in your gut something isn’t right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what to fix or where to begin.

My approach: start with the idea that a website is organized around the needs of your users – not the organization. You are NOT the center of the universe!

Once you have crossed this critical threshold, you are ready to start your long march toward transforming your Web site into one that embraces best practices in usability.
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