Web Governance & Audits

Whether maintaining an existing site or building a new one, our goal is to transform the way you do business on the web and guide your organization through a change that will revolutionize your website management and usability.

We benchmark your site against a checklist of best practices for governing, core and enabling processes. A roadmap to success!

Web Audit Services: Results that Matter

Our comprehensive web governance system audit offers large organizations a proven window into the strengths and weaknesses of their current system.

Those who part of your web eco-system will have a voice in the planning and improvement process. An independent auditor has the benefit of bringing an open-minded point of view to the fieldwork, encouraging frank discussions with your stakeholders.

Leaders get a yardstick to measure success and map improvements in performance, service and quality and how well they meet their business goals.

Projects: the Web Governance Audit

We have a rich depth of experience in conducting communication audits, with most activity focused on Web activities. In addition, we have a background in general communication audits for large public sector systems.

We use a variety of techniques including interviews, surveys, analysis and usability reviews. Our audit provides a full evaluation of your site’s performance against a checklist of best practices covering governing processes, core processes and enabling processes.

360-degree Web Governance Audit

A 360-degree audit will last between six and eight weeks. Here’s our method: we cover over 200 factors that impact your performance, field a 40 question survey to your entire web team to gather their views and do in-depth interviews with up to 10 key web staffers to probe their attitudes and behavior in managing the site. We also compare your organization structure and documentation against best practices so you know how you measure up.

Let us know if we can put these skills to work for your organization with a proven method we’ve used in the past or a custom solution unique to your structure. Contact us if we can give a briefing on our Web governance audit methodology.

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