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Evaluation Work: Audits, Scorecards and Web Governance

farmerWe have a rich depth of experience in conducting communication audits, with most activity focused on web activities. In addition, we have a background in general communication audits for large public sector systems.

We use a variety of techniques including interviews, surveys, analysis and usability reviews. Our audit provides a full evaluation of your site’s performance against a checklist of best practices covering governing processes, core processes and enabling processes.

A full-scale audit will last between six and eight weeks. We cover over 200 factors that impact your performance, field a 40 question survey to your entire web team to gather their views and do in-depth interviews with up to 10 key web staffers to probe their attitudes and behavior in managing the site. We also compare your organization structure and documentation against best practices so you know how you measure up.  Custom solutions unique to your structure are also possible.

Let us know if we can put these skills to work for your organization with our proven methods.

Case Studies


Training Workshops: for Public Information Officers

fishermanWe offer practical communications training that includes hands-on work that make it relevant to your organization or issue.  Many topics are available and here are some of the most popular offerings:

Message Development Workshop — Where we teach you how to use the Campaign Message Box — Workshops like these sharpen your skills and equips your team with the same message development skills used by Capitol Hill and political campaign veterans.  (See EPA case study below for details)

“Live On Camera” — Where you get the fundamentals of appearing in that format, and a practice with a taped interview.  Do you speak with authority, concern and enthusiasm?  Then you are an ace. (See Census Bureau case study below for details)

“Web Renewal” — A full day of web publishing training for non-techies, which is ideal for large organizations who have a distributed publishing model. (See Voices for America’s Children case study below for details).

You can schedule a communications training workshop in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Case Studies