Web Governance Roadmap

wizard_051121093613245_wideweb__300x282For the life of this blog I’ve been writing posts and articles that detail my web governance road-map. This is my approach to web governance and tracks with how I would evaluate a website governance system – assessing the governing processes, core processes and enabling processes. Together they combine to give you the web governance system where you are only as strong as your weakest link.

I thought it might be helpful to organize these posts as an index – so here you go. Let’s follow the yellow brick road!
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How to Measure Leadership for Web Managers

question_signLeadership is one of the essentials in scoring whether web governance is working at your organization. But how do you measure what is normally seen as such a soft skill?

For web managers and public affairs officers in charge of websites, my belief is you must look to your stewardship and communication systems as significant factors in your capacity to lead an organization. Both of these have structure and systems – proven winners – that forecast strong successful leadership.  If you have these systems in place, you are ready to thrive. In their absence, you are swimming upstream.
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The Road to Your Web Dream Team

SunsetIn many large organizations there is an ongoing debate – sometimes a battle — for ownership of the web operations. Who should control it: public affairs or IT? I think the answer is neither one. The responsibility for web operations is bigger than any one department can handle. Today, forward-leaning organizations treat web as a separate program office which has tentacles across every part of the organization.
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