The Power of Story-Telling

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a wallAs I listened to the conference speaker weave his tale to the audience, getting their attention and drawing them into his talk and subject matter I thought: once again, story-telling triumphs.

Story-telling is our native language. The comfortable association goes back to our childhood and defines how we are taught right from wrong, success from mistakes and other life lessons. Is it any wonder it works in adulthood?
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Why Meetings Fail

iStock_chessWe’ve all be in our share of badly run meetings that leave us scratching our heads about what the point was or why you wasted your valuable time attending. It can feel like one giant “Fail Whale“. (Remember Tweeps? The early days of Twitter threw a “Fail Whale” graphic every time it got too much traffic!) This article is a round-up of my tips about why meetings fail and how to avoid it.
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Speak with Authority, Concern and Enthusiasm: Be an ACE

podium-and-flagXSmallTo be successful in your career you need to master the ability to present your ideas and persuade others to your point of view. If you fail to do this you are likely to plateau and see others advance while you stall.

This skill helps you to make successful pitches of your ideas and opinions on the job, conduct engaging community outreach meetings and captivate the media when you do interviews.  Presentation chops let you shine as a leader in your organization.
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