Seven Types of Waste

guy-with-pc-in-grassXSmall copyToyota’s sudden acceleration woes, which led its CEO Akio Toyoda to appear before Congress to explain why the company’s famed quality system broke down and spawned a massive $16M government fine for hiding safety problems, puts a shadow across their once acclaimed management practices.  But its worth remembering what once worked about the innovative Japanese management practices brought to our shores by Toyota.
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Going Paperless: Target the Waste

coinsIt seems that everyone everywhere is tightening their belt these days – so when budgets become a sensitive subject, I often recall one of my favorite charts that I liked to trot out when I worked in the bureaucracy at the Department of Energy and was trying to get traction on ideas to change the way they did consumer information.
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Crowd Source Your Requirements Gathering

hands_thumbIn his book The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki observed leaders run the risk of being all tactics and no strategy unless they make sure that your day-to-day activity adds up to something bigger. “Successful campaigns,” he writes, “may depend as much on the fast aggregation of information from the field as on preexisting top-down strategy.”

This presentation shows how several creative concepts and frameworks –starting with “the wisdom of crowds” — are mashed up to create something new.  The result is my fix for a web development requirements-gathering process which is too often broken.
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