Web Design Strategy Step-by-Step

wheat-fields copyA web design strategy pays off for you and your organization. Whether your site is up and running or you are composing the blueprint for a new one – having a design strategy helps you make sure your site tells your story.

The key reason you need one is because this is how you “stick the landing.” It creates a vehicle for your team to capture and document conversations that always seem to go in circles. Once you have it down on paper everyone is on the same page when you carry out the plan and manage the operations.

It’s a living document and may change as your site evolves, but at its core, the design strategy tells the story of your site to your team and ultimately your audience.
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It’s All About Navigation

gold-compassLike a call center system that can drive you to distraction (press one for English), the labels and hierarchy of the “menu” of buttons on your Web site organizes content and helps people find things…or get hopelessly lost. Given that role, many conclude that the success of your navigation is the leading indicator for building confidence in your organization.

Web developers often call the navigation the “information architecture” of your site – an organizing logic that will help users find what they need without a lot of hunting and pecking.
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