Full Service

A full-service engagement draws on all four of our service branches: web governance and audits, usability, training and content marketing. We offer web project management services that typically use your in-house team resources or manages other vendors.  When you draw on our award-winning full-service capabilities in web project management, here’s what to expect over the life of the project:

End-to-End Web Project Management


  • Set goals
  • Analyze the Audience (Including top tasks)
  • Benchmark (Usability testing via heuristic review or task performance)
  • Document Requirements (Include functional and reporting needs)
  • Brand It (Select the right images to convey your identity)


  • Content
    • Inventory your existing content
    • Set standards for your content: retire and rewrite what fails to measure up
    • Create new content (following “writing for the web” rules)
  • Navigation
    • Draft information architecture with wireframes
    • Wireframes
  • Technical build-out
    • Domain and web host setup
    • Install WordPress, select and configure a theme
    • Install and configure plug-ins
    • Configure navigation
  • Content Build
    • Map old and new content into your structure
    • Upload and optimize images
    • Search engine optimization


  • Test (May include more usability tests to have before: after results)
    • Vet with key internal and external audiences
    • Adjust
  • Roll-out strategy
    • Launch
    • Market
  • Maintenance and management
    • Install Plug-in and security updates for WordPress
    • Run and distribute metrics reports
    • Site maintenance including new content posts
    • Establish and meet team of content stewards to manage site content
    • Team member training for best practices for content management