The Power of Story-Telling

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a wallAs I listened to the conference speaker weave his tale to the audience, getting their attention and drawing them into his talk and subject matter I thought: once again, story-telling triumphs.

Story-telling is our native language. The comfortable association goes back to our childhood and defines how we are taught right from wrong, success from mistakes and other life lessons. Is it any wonder it works in adulthood?
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How to Pick a Web Host: 8 Factors

datacenterIf you own or publish a website, you will be responsible for deciding where and how to host it. Finding the right criteria for such a decision can be a puzzle, especially if like most of the world, technology is not your day-job. This write-up offers some top-level factors that website owners can use to evaluate and select the right web host…
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My 16 Golden SEO Practices

goldbarsIs your web site content as findable as you want? Being found by a search engine is golden: it means more traffic. If you have not taken stock of how search-engine friendly your website is, you sabotage your web publishing investment right out of the gate.  Your ability to serve your audience and compete against the noise of other sites vying for those eyeballs is hurt by poor SEO. If you are making mistakes, this requires your urgent attention.

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