Web Governance Roadmap

wizard_051121093613245_wideweb__300x282For the life of this blog I’ve been writing posts and articles that detail my web governance road-map. This is my approach to web governance and tracks with how I would evaluate a website governance system – assessing the governing processes, core processes and enabling processes. Together they combine to give you the web governance system where you are only as strong as your weakest link.

I thought it might be helpful to organize these posts as an index – so here you go. Let’s follow the yellow brick road!
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The Value of Key Performance Indicators: Unlock Your Data

tape-measure copyAt 10,000 feet, Web analytics attempts to answer questions about what your Web visitors are up to, and why your organization should care.  This post attempts to look at the who and the how of Web analytics, including the rewards and barriers to action. It also reviews some practical tips on where to begin, along with some ideas on what a model dashboard could look like (because presentation matters).
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Seven Types of Waste

guy-with-pc-in-grassXSmall copyToyota’s sudden acceleration woes, which led its CEO Akio Toyoda to appear before Congress to explain why the company’s famed quality system broke down and spawned a massive $16M government fine for hiding safety problems, puts a shadow across their once acclaimed management practices.  But its worth remembering what once worked about the innovative Japanese management practices brought to our shores by Toyota.
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