My 16 Golden SEO Practices

goldbarsIs your web site content as findable as you want? Being found by a search engine is golden: it means more traffic. If you have not taken stock of how search-engine friendly your website is, you sabotage your web publishing investment right out of the gate.  Your ability to serve your audience and compete against the noise of other sites vying for those eyeballs is hurt by poor SEO. If you are making mistakes, this requires your urgent attention.

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Avoiding Errors: It’s Not Your Fault!

sorry-gameAs consumers everywhere can confirm: online user help and support is a tremendous pain in the neck. Once you throw in the towel and click to get support – if you can find it that is – more often than not the written instructions are complex jargon or incomplete steps that leave you feeling completely bamboozled.

Is it little wonder that recent research from Forrester’s customer service expert found that an astonishing 81 percent of consumers preferred speaking to a real person by phone or going to the office/store in person to discuss their issue face-to-face and not subject themselves to online help?
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Five Magic Interview Questions


Some years ago, I ran across a list of what I consider the most eye-opening interview questions on the planet. Well, maybe that’s hyperbole. But the fact of the matter is these questions never fail me. They consistently open up the conversation into nooks that produce insightful and interesting commentary. And my favorite getting-to-know-you question set is only five questions long.
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