Web RFP Template

I designed this template for organizations and companies who are at the start of their Web development project and are looking for a professional approach to preparing an RFP for the market. It has adapted from presentations and seminars hosted by NPower (formerly Technology Works for Good) and the Small Business Administration S.C.O.R.E. workshop series, and offered as a public service.
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Usability Options to Fit Any Budget

deliciousHave you been thinking lately that it might be time to enjoy the benefits of website usability testing at your organization? There are many things to consider going forward, especially the higher satisfaction users will have when they visit your website afterwards. Unfortunately, for too many web managers  their aspirations for a more usable website stall out on the budget question.

My advice: do not let resources get in the way, because there are usability options to fit any budget. This presentation reviews three popular options — at all different budget levels — and gives you all the basics to get started.
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Web Training Program Checklist

target6327624Small copy Web publishing has become more institutionalized at many organizations. One factor that elevates a mature web team from one that is less so is their commitment to a web training program.  Does your organization have a formal training program for the Web team? How is it working for you?  This 10-point checklist will help you know whether your organization’s web training program is achieving its full potential.
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