Web Training Program Checklist

target6327624Small copy Web publishing has become more institutionalized at many organizations. One factor that elevates a mature web team from one that is less so is their commitment to a web training program.  Does your organization have a formal training program for the Web team? How is it working for you?  This 10-point checklist will help you know whether your organization’s web training program is achieving its full potential.
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Avoiding Errors: It’s Not Your Fault!

sorry-gameAs consumers everywhere can confirm: online user help and support is a tremendous pain in the neck. Once you throw in the towel and click to get support – if you can find it that is – more often than not the written instructions are complex jargon or incomplete steps that leave you feeling completely bamboozled.

Is it little wonder that recent research from Forrester’s customer service expert found that an astonishing 81 percent of consumers preferred speaking to a real person by phone or going to the office/store in person to discuss their issue face-to-face and not subject themselves to online help?
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Why Web Scorecards Rock

iStock_000006142173XSmallCompared to what? This is the question that you grapple with when you attempt to seed change with your Web site. You know in your gut something isn’t right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what to fix or where to begin.

My approach: start with the idea that a website is organized around the needs of your users – not the organization. You are NOT the center of the universe!

Once you have crossed this critical threshold, you are ready to start your long march toward transforming your Web site into one that embraces best practices in usability.
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