:: Surface Your Gems

We offer Web management consulting that combines our expert knowledge in online and offline communications. We focus on your audience as well and tips to improve your internal communications… The result? Your Web communications shine brighter.

Every Website can be a goldmine, even if you start with a coal mine.  Surface and polish your gems today with our Web management consulting.

Benchmark your Website using our proven Web Scorecards & Audits

Does your Web site need some help? Managing a solid Web publishing operation is a critical part of successful communications. Yet, too often something is not quite right and it is difficult to put your finger on what to do about it.

When people ask, “where do I begin?” I tell them, start with a Web scorecard. A Web scorecard by Emerald Strategies benchmarks your site against best practices in content, findability and feedback.

Then move toward the treasured site you deserve with targeted usability tests, team training and an update of your Website content and marketing.

Enterprise organizations with more complex Web sites often take the next step with a Web audit which reviews your entire Web governance system…

Our Focus: Build Your Team’s Capacity
:: Web Governance & Audits
:: Usability
:: Training
:: Web content & Outreach

WEB GOVERNANCE & AUDITS:  Whether maintaining an existing site or building a new one, our goal is to transform the way you do business on the Web and guide your organization through a change that will revolutionize your Web site management and usability.  We benchmark your site against a checklist of best practices for governing, core and enabling processes. A roadmap to success!

USABILITY:  Our usability services are the core of our consulting, because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Services include conducting expert reviews to provide you with performance scorecards, helping you with the planning phase of your Web design project to give you a blue print, or measuring how users perform on top tasks critical to your site’s success.

TRAINING:  Every organization has valuable content and breakthrough moments. Our training on writing for the Web, message development and Web management helps Web teams be more powerful and effective. Your ability to leverage your online communications channel is vital to your organization. Offline, bridging from beginner to a polished spokesperson benefits from message development and delivery coaching.

CONTENT & OUTREACH:  Web sites and offline marketing materials form an expression of an organization’s identity and must be well managed and executed.  The quality of your expression can have important consequences on your ability to communicate. Whether web content and outreach to market your site is fuzzy or shines is a reflection of the strength of your communications management.

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