Refreshing a Small Business Website for Kalbian-Hagerty LLP


The KH law firm was seeking a web producer to create a new digital property to replace their outdated website. As part of the effort, they wanted to refresh their look, update all photography, use a new color palette and re-engineer their navigation to better target their audience.


We developed a new design strategy to guide the organization’s future web management with a thorough discussion of their business goals, target users, general tasks, technology requirements, branding goals, and critical success factors.

We then provided a new navigation plan and a new set of photography, including custom and royalty-free graphics, for review. With their feedback, we then moved to review the content, providing editorial services to rewrite their copy with attention to style, voice, message and writing for the web best practices.

With these assets in hand – approved navigation, content and graphics to back up the design strategy that had approved – we coded their new site. We added integration for Google Analytics, maps, Scribd, LinkedIn and a contact form before testing and launch of the site.


The managing partner, James Hagerty, was pleased with the results of the new Kalbian-Hagerty LLP Website.

“She took the firm’s old Web site, expertly redesigned and rebuilt it, launching a dynamic Web site that truly reflects the international business of Kalbian Hagerty LLP,” said Hagerty.

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