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Case Study: FCC New Media Training – single session


fcc_sealThe Federal Communications Commission Web team leadership identified a need to inform their DC area Web publishers about the federal guidelines and regulations for Web sites, as well as low-cost and no-cost tools that they could use to improve their operations and management of the site.


The training occurred at a regular meeting of all their Webmasters in the DC Headquarters. My audience was staff who keep up and support the FCC Web site.  My workshop provided an overview of federal Web standards, guidelines and governance principles.  The goal was to improve the FCC awareness of federal guidelines and so they could better assess their own alignment with these goals and requirements.

Using my knowledge of the federal Web content guidelines and regulations I prepared a custom-built single training session to share with the group. This training covered the landscape on the genesis of the guidelines, with tips on how to comply and resources on where to find more information. In addition, I led a discussion about low-cost and no-cost tools that they could blend into their Web management operations.

Each participant received a review of the fundamentals of Web governance and federal guidelines, a tour and references to online tools and a workshop element using materials provided by the instructor.

The presentation included:

  • Guidelines for Web governance which address how to make sure the site remains current
  • Methods to test what exists on the site and stem duplication
  • How to integrate OMB’s new policies for federal agency public Web sites into Web site management workflow
  • Information on automated methods of compliance with OMB guidelines and building scorecard tools


The training session was broadcast to off-site audiences as well as in-house attendees via video. This video was put in their training library.  Those who attended the training provided their evaluations at the conclusion and rated the session highly.

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