An Elegant RSS Hack

libertyWhatever you call it – really simple syndication, RSS, news feeds or just plain old “feeds” – RSS has changed the face of the web by un-coupling content from its original website and letting it roam freely across your browser.

When web content isn’t trapped inside a specific website, it can be consumed just about anywhere. Many choose to use news aggregation services. But if you are into online organizing, you also want to leverage getting your content used freely in other websites so you can get as many eyeballs on it as possible. That makes marketing and sharing web content a whole new ballgame.
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Transition Brew: The Next Administration and the Internet

mineAs the high season of political conventions fade and the general election kicks into gear, online communicators are positioning their top issues and agenda for the upcoming U.S. Presidential transition.

An exciting brew of ideas is perking. Time will tell if any of them stew into real change, but it sure is fun watching the pot boil. The ideas include:

  • a call from academia for government to shift away from publishing sites and into exposing data
  • a radical streamlining of sites in the UK that may hold promise for other nations to follow
  • an anti-corruption flag planted for transparency by the good-government crowd

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eGov Chatter: 15 UPA Convention Take-Aways from 2008

clutterPut about 100 eGov types in a room together, add a dash of international flavor, timely conversation and insider’s knowledge and stir. It’s a recipe for intrigue, intelligence and inspiration. My kind of magic.

When the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) met in Baltimore for their national conference in 2008, the eGov track proved to be a great locale to pick up the latest buzz about what’s on the horizon for this sector. I’ve found that the challenges large government website managers face put them on the cutting edge for topics touching every enterprise site.
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