Crowd Source Your Requirements Gathering

hands_thumbIn his book The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki observed leaders run the risk of being all tactics and no strategy unless they make sure that your day-to-day activity adds up to something bigger. “Successful campaigns,” he writes, “may depend as much on the fast aggregation of information from the field as on preexisting top-down strategy.”

This presentation shows how several creative concepts and frameworks –starting with “the wisdom of crowds” — are mashed up to create something new.  The result is my fix for a web development requirements-gathering process which is too often broken.
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Web Governance Defined

dataWeb governance has become a popular term with many web managers. Unfortunately some think of it as the Holy Grail or mega-problem solver that magically fixes broken web teams.  Imagine a world where you had an early alert system to give you warning about when it was time to tinker with the site’s interface, make adjustments in staffing, allocate resources or shift program management focus.

While this vision is a worthy “future state” to aspire to, where web governance earns its spurs is as a term to describe the current state of your web team operations.
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