The Need to Weed

cleaningOne of the conversations that stayed with me from a eDemocracy camp gathering several years back was the clear disconnect between the push toward transparency – often read as put it all online – and the struggles against info overload.

From both the web consumer and web manager point of view there is simply a huge problem with the fact that too often online information isn’t relevant or easily found. By relevant, I mean the right information at the right time – is it meaningful content. Easily found means that there is a strong scent for the information that allows you to easily navigate from the home page to the right landing page.
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Case Study: The Cumberland County Library Usability Project

 When I took part in a panel discussion at the Pennsylvania Library Association conference I got to share what made things tick on one of my firm’s favorite projects: improving usability for the Cumberland County Library System (CCLS) website.   I’m posting our slides and a written summary of the presentation because I think the outline represents all the elements that exist in a great usability engagement.
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eGov Chatter: 15 UPA Convention Take-Aways from 2008

clutterPut about 100 eGov types in a room together, add a dash of international flavor, timely conversation and insider’s knowledge and stir. It’s a recipe for intrigue, intelligence and inspiration. My kind of magic.

When the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) met in Baltimore for their national conference in 2008, the eGov track proved to be a great locale to pick up the latest buzz about what’s on the horizon for this sector. I’ve found that the challenges large government website managers face put them on the cutting edge for topics touching every enterprise site.
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