eGov Chatter: 15 UPA Convention Take-Aways from 2008

clutterPut about 100 eGov types in a room together, add a dash of international flavor, timely conversation and insider’s knowledge and stir. It’s a recipe for intrigue, intelligence and inspiration. My kind of magic.

When the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) met in Baltimore for their national conference in 2008, the eGov track proved to be a great locale to pick up the latest buzz about what’s on the horizon for this sector. I’ve found that the challenges large government website managers face put them on the cutting edge for topics touching every enterprise site.
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12 Tips on Working with Bloggers

img_1As the public affairs units of most organizations are starting to dedicate staff resources to reaching out to bloggers, what are the rules of the road? In the world of PR, this is a new twist on the traditional job of working with the mainstream press and as a practice area it requires skills and tactics that can be quite different.
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12 Steps to Writing Better Email

larger-email-keyboardThe conventional wisdom is email is dead as an outreach tool. You’ve heard the drill: spam filters rule, open rates have dropped, users are suffering email fatigue.

Yet, at a recent gathering of online activists at the April 2008 DC NetRoots Roots Camp, a different view prevails: email is very much alive and well, thank-you. Before you fire off the “send” button, however, these e-Campaigners say there is a right way and a wrong way to write email that matters. Their hard-won lessons offer tips we could all benefit from.
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