How to Review Your Team’s Performance

jumping-hurdleXSmallIf your program leads change in a large organization, one of your primary challenges will be to find out where you are today and where you are going in the future. It should come as no surprise that most of the time everyone you talk to has a different take on both ends of the question. How you reconcile the different points of view will in large measure determine whether you succeed or fail.  Your mission is to review your team’s current performance. So where do you begin?

My favorite trick is to pull a page from a Canadian playbook. Several years back, their government put a focus on citizen service across all their agencies. In order to jump-start the effort, everyone got a roadmap tool that walks them through the necessary steps to transform their organizations.
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The Road to Your Web Dream Team

SunsetIn many large organizations there is an ongoing debate – sometimes a battle — for ownership of the web operations. Who should control it: public affairs or IT? I think the answer is neither one. The responsibility for web operations is bigger than any one department can handle. Today, forward-leaning organizations treat web as a separate program office which has tentacles across every part of the organization.
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