What the Purple Tunnel of Doom Teaches Us About Crisis Communications

Flag waving and celebrations at the US capitol building in Washington DC

The gathering on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to watch the swearing-in of President Barack Obama was “the largest pro-government demonstration in U.S. history”, according to one observer. The moment spawned a cottage industry of memorabilia makers, a fascination with Aretha Franklin’s lovely hat and a spirit of goodwill as we wait for an economic recovery program to kick-in.
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2008 General Election Message Box

heelsA campaign message box is a tool communicators use to help script the public outreach efforts of a political or advocacy campaign where your job is to persuade others to your point of view.

What’s a message? A brief value-based statement aimed at a targeted audience that captures a positive concept.
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80 Percent of Visitors Just Lurk

heavenWith all the attention devoted to social media and online publishing activity shifting to blogs and user-generated content, I found inspiration in a Forrester analyst review of a new Gartner report called “generation virtual.” The question driving the report was how to go viral. This study says it is more useful to look at audience behavior and plan around what you learn.

The idea is once you can map your audience to their known online activities you can plan to offer the content they crave to do what they love to do.
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