12 Steps to Writing Better Email

larger-email-keyboardThe conventional wisdom is email is dead as an outreach tool. You’ve heard the drill: spam filters rule, open rates have dropped, users are suffering email fatigue.

Yet, at a recent gathering of online activists at the April 2008 DC NetRoots Roots Camp, a different view prevails: email is very much alive and well, thank-you. Before you fire off the “send” button, however, these e-Campaigners say there is a right way and a wrong way to write email that matters. Their hard-won lessons offer tips we could all benefit from.
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Web Governance Defined

dataWeb governance has become a popular term with many web managers. Unfortunately some think of it as the Holy Grail or mega-problem solver that magically fixes broken web teams.  Imagine a world where you had an early alert system to give you warning about when it was time to tinker with the site’s interface, make adjustments in staffing, allocate resources or shift program management focus.

While this vision is a worthy “future state” to aspire to, where web governance earns its spurs is as a term to describe the current state of your web team operations.
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